Xbox 360

Emulator Status Games emulated Website Description Date Latest release
Xenia Active A few Xenia.jp As of July 2015, Xenia can run a few simple games already. More info on Xenia’s compatibility page. July 19, 2015 None. The source is available.
Exbox360 Dead None Github A recent attempt at an Xbox 360 emulator. Hasn’t been active since May 13, 2014. May 13, 2014 None.
Xeem Dead None Github Xeem is a high level Xbox 360 emulator. It consists of two components: a converter that processes PPC64 code in Xex files and produces native code, and an open source implementation of the Xbox 360 kernel and Dashboard APIs. Jun 18, 2012 None.
x360 Emu Dead None Github An attempt at an Xbox 360 emulator. Mar 20, 2012 None.
Ex360E Dead None Google Code Ex360E is a highly experimental Xbox 360 emulator, for Xbox Live Arcade titles developed with XNA Game Studio. The emulator is capable of booting Fez, as in, it runs the code, but crashes instantly due to an incomplete Direct3D implementation. Jan 15, 2013 None.

Original Xbox

Emulator Status Games emulated Website Description Date Latest release
Xqemu Active A few



Low level emulator by espes. Runs on OS X, Linux and Windows. It’s a fork of Qemu, an open source machine emulator and virtualizer. Currently the best bet to a complete emulator. JayFoxRox has worked on some improvements as well. Jul 19, 2015 None. The source is available.
Cxbx Active Several

Official website


Probably the best emulator rigt now. The original author stopped working on it a while ago, but there’s still people working on it. The original version is Caustik’s, but probably the most up-to-date is Echelon9’s. Sept 5, 2013 Version 0.7.8c
Xeon Dead One Ngemu forums The very first emulator. It only runs Halo, and has not been updated since its first release. Aug 13, 2003 Version 1
Dxbx Dead Several Dxbx-emu.com Originally a translation of Cxbx into Delphi, this project thrived when it was alive. It emulates a few commercial games. Dec 19, 2010 Version 0.5
Xenoborg Dead None Xenoborg-emu blog Low level emulator by Blueshogun started out of boredom. It progressed and ran some code, but it seems to have stalled. Oct 25, 2011 None. The source is available.
Vxb Dead None Github This is an experimental emulator for classic Xbox games that takes advantage of the hardware virtualization features of Intel and AMD processors. Nothing really works yet and the project is currently on hold. Dec 7, 2013 None.
XbeNext Dead None Ngemu forums Never released, but the author originally stated: “As of right now it only runs a few examples from the SDK, but it does run stable under 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows with no problems at all.” —- None.
Xbvm Dead None Github Low level Xbox emulator targeting Linux with KVM. Very hacky currently and with little support for system software. Currently completes Phase 0 Initialization in MSBIOS and goes to etherboot on Cromwell. Jan 18, 2012 None. The source is available.
SteelBreeze Dead None Github Low level Xbox emulator attempt. Jun 22, 2012 None.
Dirtbox Dead None Github Xbox emulator attempt. Aug 23, 2011 None.
Xbem Dead None Google Code Xbox emulator attempt. Nov 25, 2011 None.
Kvmbox Dead None Github Kvmbox is an expermental low level Xbox emulator that uses the kvm
interface in recent linux kernels for fast visulation of the x86
Oct 17, 2011 None.
HackBox Dead None Ngemu forums Attempt by JayFoxRox. Development was halted suddenly. Apr 14, 2012 None.